Greg Plank: Recommendation

If I had to describe Katherine “Katie” Morse I would have to say: Innovative,  a unique thinker and a solutions  focused Marketer.  We began looking at ways to make people aware of Morningstar CFS which is a unique place in Brunswick, GA that helps “The most in need children in the state”. They have been shuffled from foster home to foster home or institutions to institution, and many are abused. We began to look at doing a video. The entire approach was a challenge because we could show facilities and talk about the programs, but we could not show the children or mention any individual cases. What do you do to get the tremendous good work being done for the children and the unique setting of Morningstar into video without the essential human images? That’s where Katie came in to rescue our efforts. She was integral in suggesting key points in the script that could make the video and the children come alive with the right words. More important was her creative thinking and tireless photography that helped us show certain scenes that portrayed the programs and activities for the children that worked to portray Morningstar as the unique place that it was. With angles, lighting, action and camera sense she gave us what we needed. She also did a great deal of the promotion on all of the Morningstar CFS efforts. Katie is a doer and I’m glad that she has started Vixen Creative Marketing. There are a lot of people who really need her common sense creativity to get their point across.

Greg Plank, President of Genesis Creative Solutions LLC