Social Media – Food for Thought

By: Katherine W. Morse
August 6, 2019

Have you ever wondered how you can connect to the locals or tourists when you own a restaurant in a tourist area?  Everyone has to eat, right?  Whether people go to the grocery store and cook at home or dine out.  So, why should they choose to spend money in your restaurant over someone else’s establishment versus cooking at home?

Advertising can be tricky, especially without the big budgets of fast food chains or franchise restaurants.  Understanding your consumers is vital along with retaining them in the off-season in a substantial tourist industry location.  How well do you know the locals that dine with you?  How well do you understand the tourists, or do the tourist even know that you are there?

Social media, Google My Business, Yelp, and TripAdvisor, can play a significant role in how tourists find your restaurant.  When it comes to content on social media, keep in mind in today’s evolving technology world along with keeping up with trends, even algorithms can be stringent.  No one wants you to sell to them, but people like to be part of the experience.
Are you posting the daily specials?  Using National Days that fit into the food and beverage industry of your dining establishment can work, but do not overuse them.  Do you know how to create content and then know when to boost it to reach a higher number of customers?  With the World Series on the horizon along with college football plus NFL, do you know how to tie that into your marketing on social media?

There is a lot to consider when building your social community, maintaining it while growing it as well.  Social media has so many platforms to navigate.  There is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, SnapChat, IGTV, YouTube, and many more. Which ones are right for your restaurant?  Which ones are your competitors using?  Timing of posts and how often?  Can you answer the questions proposed? Please do not panic; I am happy to make an appointment with you and discuss options and pricing that fit your food and beverage budget.     

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